Air distribution or air flow is one of the most important parts of an air conditioning cycle. So much work goes into conditioning the air but then where does it go? As seen below, it may not be going where you want it to be going. Poor duct work installation or design can be wasting energy and money over time.

Unfortunately, air flow is arguably the least studied (let alone mastered) HVAC science of the common contractor. Hundreds of hours plus specific and expensive tools are required to properly evaluate an air distribution system.

At HomeFront, we specialize in air flow! Our offering includes a wide range of air flow services from duct repair to advanced zone control systems. We have your homefront covered!



  • Outdated, non-code compliant​ materials
  • Heat gain or loss (air leakage)
  • Improper design
  • Poor installation
  • Blockage or restriction
  • Heat gain or loss (structural)


  • Outdated materials used when more efficient materials available​
  • Massive air loss from rodent damage or breaks in airtight seals​
  • Designed based on old, disproven air flow theories
  • Poor insulation


  • Builder-grade material​
  • Sub-contracted installation
    • Improper training​
    • Low quality
  • Bulk installation practices Speed over quality​
    • Speed over quality​
  • Out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality

Our HomeFront Pro Will Evaluate Your Entire Air Distribution System (Duct Work) To Assess Efficiency And Proper Design And Installation. Ninety Percent Of Homes Have Problems That, If Rectified, Can Vastly Improve Home Comfort.